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A24 Global

A24 is exclusively focused on helping our enterprise clients drive digital transformation strategies appropriate to the regions in which we operate.

A24 is a global multicloud business that delivers digital infrastructure solutions in Asia, UK, Europe and the US.

A24 Australia

A24 Australia is highly skilled in delivering banking infrastructure, security, private cloud and digital platforms with a global footprint that enables domestic and international business to scale quickly. We blend expertise in modern technology and innovation to enhance businesses security and infrastructure through consultancy, delivery and solutions. We leverage our regional partner relationships to help support your businesses security and safety when your data is in flight or at rest.

  • We are the HSM Service Specialists in Australia
  • We look after legacy infrastructure & engineering
  • We are compliant with Payment HSM, PCI Standards, general purpose HSM, data storage and privacy standards
  • We provide Engineering as a Service (EaaS) and Remote Assist (RA) to companies requiring skills and expertise
A24 Australia offers a range of services across legacy and cloud systems that can support new opportunities for your business
For over a decade A24 has run mission critical infrastructure in secure datacentres in Asia, Europe and North America for financial services companies processing credit cards, pre-payment cards and other time critical applications


As the global Equinix payments and financial services partner, A24 has delivered innovative and flexible payment solutions to institutions such as traditional banks, emerging neo and digital banks plus payment platforms and vendors of HSM payment hardware.

Banking customers have a huge, complicated, and intertwined deployment of legacy HSM infrastructure spread out across their business that are increasingly harder to manage, scale and maintain.

Any banking and financial institution seeking to expand operations and global markets should contact A24 to discuss this competitive solution roadmap and access A24 fast-track Proof of Concept (PoC) methodology and secure infrastructure available across Equinix Data Centre’s 24×7 in over 210 locations globally.


  • Making changes to one platform independently of others
  • Adopt cloud first for scale and cost
  • Leverage enterprise architecture
  • Retire old technology
  • Standardise technologies
  • Effectively leverage data

A24 makes multi cloud work securely with architecture that “links cloud solutions”.

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